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VFL/AFL Italian Team of the Century Page

Australia happens to be one of the most important countries in terms of sports and sporting activities worldwide. On many fronts, it is one of the countries to reckon with when it comes to sports tournaments on the International stage. One popular evidence of this is seen in the tennis space where the country hosts the always highly-anticipated Australian Open.


Although many sports thrive well in Australia, Australia undoubtedly and unarguably leads the world in football. The sport is said to have traced its origin to school sports in Melbourne, Victoria. Since then, it has grown to become a leading sport in Australia having the highest number of fans and spectators. These facts prove the level of eminence that football takes in Australia.

Final Team

The 18 players that made up the final team were chosen from a group of elite members consisting of 50 players. These 50 players were initially selected from about 148 footballers who could trace their ancestry to Italy. All of the members on the initial list of 148 members have made a significant impact on the league in its over a century of existence.

Selection Criteria

There are chiefly two criteria considered in selecting those who made it into the final team. They are such a person must have played at the senior level of AFL/VFL football and the player must be born in Italy or be of Italian origin of the first or second generations. We cannot discuss the selection process without mentioning the people who made the selection. We can state that the integrity of the selection process and the people selected can be based on the quality of those who occupy the selection committee. This selection committee consisted of veteran players of the game.


The award is one of the most important in the entire Victorian and Australian Football Leagues. Although it might just seem like just another award, the VFL/AFL Team of the Century award plays several strategic roles.

About the Charity

Although we are involved in many ventures and projects, by far, one of our Important priorities is charity. There is nowhere we deploy that charity more than at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The Royal Children’s Hospital is a top-tier hospital that provides a wide range and variety of medical and clinical services. These services range from tertiary health care and medicine, prevention services, and much more, focusing on adolescents and Children.

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Toccolan Club

The Toccolan Club is a group consisting of members of the Italian community in Australia. The club is named after Tocco, a small settlement on the hills in Italy, to which many of the club’s members can trace their ancestry. When the Second World War happened, many of its inhabitants fled and made way for places like the United States. A lot of them came to Australia. Today, those original members have blossomed into a remarkable group of people who share fun and opportunities.

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